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Featured Product - Supertec

Finally, a Superannuation recording, administration and reporting system designed for the New Zealand Financial Market.


Supertec provides superannuation administrators with the ability to quickly and simply deal with the full administration functions of every New Zealand superannuation scheme. The Supertec system records the full financial history of member and employer activities in a superannuation scheme. Supertec is specifically designed for the New Zealand financial markets.

Supertec , formerly RAPPS (Retirement Accumulation and Pension Payments System) is a New Zealand engineered SAAS enabled, Zero Client Footprint platform that was developed principally to support the evolving needs of our existing major clients in managing their superannuation funds recording, administration and reporting requirements under Financial Markets Conduct Act (FMC Act) 2013.


Supertec Screenshot

Over the last three years our New Zealand based development team have applied their long industry specific experience and deep domain expertise and taken the RAPP’s portfolio of superannuation scheme recording programs and spreadsheets and developed the highly sophisticated Supertec superannuation software recording, administration and reporting tool.

Organisations like the BNZ Officers Provident Association, Toyota NZ, Civic Assurance and Westpac New Zealand are currently upgrading to Supertec to more efficiently administer their superannuation schemes.

Not only does Supertec support the efficient recording, administration and reporting requirements of your current superannuation scheme but Supertec can also process Kiwisaver and Insurance transactions.

We are very proud of what we have achieved alongside our current Customers in developing Supertec and we are now ready to show it off and demonstrate its capabilities to you! With the FMC Act requiring superannuation schemes operating within New Zealand to meet a range of requirements by 1 December 2016 we are now introducing ourselves to other superannuation fund administrators to see if we can possibly help them administer their superannuation schemes more efficiently.

We would love to come and show you what Supertec can do for you.

To find out more about Supertec, please get in touch with our Supertec Business Development Manager Mike Ross at or +64 21 422 786

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