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Our Upcoming Events

Holistec Systems runs regular online events covering a broad range of IT topics. This is part of our commitment to educate our customers, clients and the greater Wellington region on the areas we know best.


On Request

Hyperconvergence Demo 2:00 pm (NZDT)

Learn how to create VM’s in an HCI environment.  We will create a new VM, clone it and replicate it.  We will show you what happens when a node in the cluster fails


On Request

Ruckus Unleashed Demo
2:00 pm (NZDT)

Learn how to set up Ruckus Unleashed and how to add a Second Access Point


On Request

Supertec Demo
2:00 pm (NZDT)

Learn what Supertec can do for your Super Scheme as you see it in action

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