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What We Deliver

Holistec Systems is excited to deliver a range of hand-crafted IT Solutions to businesses of all sizes:

ICT Infrastructure, Hosting and Outsourcing

We are your IT Department

Unleashed Ruckus Wireless

Fast WiFi installed quickly

Threat Management Appliances, Network Continuity, Web Application Firewalls (WAF) and Failover

We keep the Internet on - safely

Unified Communications

Smart voice at a low cost

Document Content Collaboration and Storage

Finally, a clever way to manage your documents

Microsoft Office 365 

Simply the best Office environment


Pinpoint accuracy - only Spam gets stopped


Your VM's stay up - guaranteed

Distributed File Delivery

Safely moving huge amounts of data


Local software to manage your Super Scheme

Payments and Reconciliation Software

As used by MBIE

Let Holistec manage your IT Dept for you. Our team formally report on the value delivered to your business every month. You also get access to our hardware supply channel. We offer monthly plans tailored to suit the size of your business

Our team offers an exciting new WiFi 6 solution with best in class WPA3 Security. Unleashed Ruckus brings Big Business WiFi capability to Small/Medium Businesses

Our team provides powerful solutions for Internet Business continuity, 4G failover, WAN redundancy, temporary networking, pop-up networks, same day internet service, emergency and rescue networks, network disaster recovery and high speed satellite networking. We also offer Web Application Firewall (WAF) hosting to keep your Web Sites safe from the ever present hacker community. We are experts in Ransomware prevention and can add antivirus solutions to your PC that will prevent bad things happening

Stop paying huge Telephone bills in your business. Our team offers Low cost Voice and Smart Voice on any device with 3CX VOIP PBXVoice over Internet Technology has plummeted in price for the small to medium Enterprise, and you should be taking advantage of these savings

​Take advantage of Fast and Secure Access to your documents at any time. Our team offers NextCloudan industry-leading, on-premise or in-cloud, content collaboration platform. Nextcloud technology combines the convenience and ease of use of consumer-grade solutions like Dropbox and Google Drive with the security, privacy and control that business needs

Use, share, and collaborate on key Microsoft tools. Our team are experts in provisioning Office 365 - if you would like our Team to look after your Office 365 environment then please click here or call us from our Contact page

Our team offers this best-in-class Spam Filter. We are the only multi-tiered Spam Management Company in Wellington, where the final quarantine layer is actually processed by human beings!

Our team offers Hyperconvergence Solutions that are built on the industry’s most popular hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) technology, delivering a full infrastructure stack that integrates compute, virtualization, storage, networking and security to power any application, at any scale. Scale Computing HC3 hyperconverged software and hardware will harmonize IT operations and bring very high performance to all applications. For the smaller SME, QNAP delivers a full Hyperconvergence Solution for your market segment

Our team offers Resilio Connect, a distributed file delivery and synchronization solution capable of moving large amounts of data to many locations. The performance excels when that data needs to be moved across unreliable or high latency networks. Built on the sophisticated and distributed Micro Transport Protocol (μTP2), Connect is designed to empower high-performance file transfer applications, scaling to thousands of nodes, TBs of data, and millions of individual files

Our team builds application software for the Financial Services sector and we are specialists in Scheme and Funds Management applications.
We market our own software Supertec

Unify and fix disparate payment systems and inconsistent payment methods across your organization. Our team can establish a shared Transaction Lifecycle Management system for customer payment and refunds offering a consistent set of payment methods including - Fee Presentation; Invoicing/Statements; Registering Payments; Sending Receipt/Payment History; Reconciliation; Reports

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